• patrick8883 on alarm and central locking

    I've had my alarm and central locking system installed just yesterday and i'm really satisfied with matt's product and services. The installers were very professional and you'll notice that they really know what they're doing. It only took them around 45 mins to replace my old central locking and alarm system where with other shops it will take them more than 1 hour just to install the entire system. If you're looking for the same product that i've purchased (central locking and alarm system), I realy recommend you guys to get Matt's services. he's really approachable and a very customer oriented entreprenuer. You won't get dissapponted if ever you avail services from this guy.

  • Mad Major Tom on detail service

    I highly recommend Matt's detailing services. Mahusay and mabusisi talaga mag detail mga tao niya, hindi yung auto ko hangga't hindi immaculately white ulit yung auto ko. 9pm na sila natapos. Hehehe

  • Migscoloma88 on Detailing Service

    Good job! Excelent work work you guys ! Especially with the one that you had work done - on the190e! Amazing! maybe someday ill bring my car for detailing as well! More power!