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About Pulse Creative Innovations

From 2016, Automobile industry grew 27.8% and is rapidly increasing annually. There are as much as 30,000 car units sold monthly proving its evident need. Especially now, Automobiles bring much comfort and convenience. With the booming economy, the highly competitive automotive landscape is reaching the rise of the middle class market – the ones that have a strong buying power to spend for a new car. Though more roads and highways are being built to accommodate the vast number of car users, we still spend almost our entire lives on road traffic than at home. This exposes our cars to extreme tropical conditions and heavy pollution, which causes different car problems/defects. Due to the rapid increase of cars on the road, it also increases the opportunity for different automotive service businesses to showcase what they can do. However, only a few are paying attention in customer care/relation. To address this underlying consumer need for car care services and customer satisfaction, Pulse Creative Innovations (PCI) was established. is a car care hub that specializes in providing premier detailing services and innovative car products. Being in the industry for 9 years, PCI continues to serve thousands of car owners and car establishments in restoring their car’s condition. Keeping the customer’s needs in mind, PCI pioneered the one-day Home Service detailing (faster than the 3-day detailing norm) which add convenience to our valued customers in greater Metro Manila. The reach of PCI’s services encompasses all cars, from brand new to used cars of all models and types.

A newly purchased car can avail of the German Paint Protection which prolongs the “showroom shine” of the car. Cars used through time usually go to PCI for major detailing services or a simple carwash. PCI is continually pushing innovations in services like Waterless Engine Detailing, Steam Interior Detailing for odor elimination, and 7 Step Paint Correction for restoring the body’s sheen. personnel are equipped to assess and recommend the best services according to a client’s concern, thus, bringing service handling in a more personal level. Pulse Creative products have undergone thorough development, which are applicable to any car in the market. PCI developed products that are fit according to the basic car users like wipers, tints, and mattings. We also carry innovative car essentials like the: Pulse Creative No Holes Reverse Sensor for easy parking, Dashcam for complete safety and Car Alarm for car security. For the changing weather conditions, PCI offers the Rear Roll-Up Sunshade to protect the car from direct sunlight, Mudflaps and Frameless Wipers for rainy days.

PCI is Customer-Centric, providing the highest level of customer care. PCI prides itself with its trained team of certified, approachable, and friendly personnel and detailers. The team ensures to build strong customer relations through proactive service recommendations and trust. PCI enables its people towards excellence through proven and comprehensive training programs. With a Customer Care centered mindset, PCI believes that once we value our customer, the customer learns to value us. Pulse Creative Innovations envisions to be distinguished as a reliable Filipino Brand of car care services and products provider in all key locations nationwide. PCI aims to be the benchmark in car service quality, service professionalism and customer care. By franchising, PCI will be able to expand its reach and develop more innovative products and services that cater the local consumers. Through franchising the PCI Car Hub, the experience of having Quality Services and Innovative products will be within the reach of more consumers, nationwide.