Pulse Creative Innovations

Headquarters: Block 7, Lot 3, Narra St., Phase 1B, Greenwoods Executive Village, near Mercedes Avenue, Pasig City
Landline:985-2216; Email: pulsecreative@ymail.com
Mobile Numbers: GLOBE: 0917-4937886 / 0927-7084229 SMART: 0910-8897168 SUN: 0933-4541896

Pulse Creative Innovations (PCI), founded by Matt Lagandaon, is a constantly developing pioneer of professional home-service auto-detailing SINCE 2007 and is a consistent supplier of its own ingenuous product-line. In the Philippines, PCI has exuded raw excellence in making sure that cars are detailed, show-ready, and in brand new condition. Far more than just detailing, we have been importing and supplying innovational products to countless automotive shops who trust us and know how we do business. In PCI, your cars are cleaned, polished, and protected by our valuable automotive detailers who pay rigorous attention to detail, and we make sure that they use only the best products and chemicals in the best possible way.

PCI is client-centered. Our company prides itself with its team of friendly, approachable and experienced detailers who make sure that exactly what you want is what happens. PCI loves service, so you can tell us what you want, when you want, and how you want it. Our team is available around the clock and 24/7, including holidays, late nights, weekends and early mornings ready to do what you want.

PCI is convenient. PCI knows exactly how important your time is. With home-service at our core, we cater to your convenience, so everything gets done professionally and as you want it at the comfort of your own home/garage (we save you the time and effort of looking after your car in an auto-shop). With home-service installations, products can be installed to your car directly in your garage, saving you the hassle of an auto-shop service. To fully tailor our services to your needs, we have a strict "one car per team per day" philosophy which means that nothing but the fullest attention and quality detailing will be given to your automobile, entirely for your money's worth.

PCI is affordable. Do your homework. PCI provides you with the best possible service and products for it's lowest possible price, nothing more, nothing less; everything upfront and straightforward because we know how you hate hidden charges. With PCI, you get exactly what your money is worth.

The Headquarters. Pulse Creative Innovations is proud to announce the successful development and opening of its headquarters, the first 24-hour car detailing shop ever created. Positioned just ten to fifteen minutes away from C5 and , the PCI Headquarters is located at Block 7, Lot 3, Narra St., Phase 1B, Greenwoods Executive Village, near Mercedes Avenue, Pasig City. From the village's main gate, turn right on the first corner. We are located in the first building. The PCI Headquarters features a 10 - 15 car garage accomodation, perfect for all your vehicle detailing needs and equipment installation. We are now Zone for our clients to stay online and for protection, feel relax while we pamper your car. Appointments are made by schedule.

Our products, chemicals, and services are tried and tested by the automotive industry. We provide anything from car security systems to sun shades at affordable prices. If you want to know more about our business, you can get updated by liking our Facebook page and joining the thousands who are already friends with us. Please click the "Like" icon below this page.

We want you to contact us! For questions, inquiries, and information, please call our office at 985-2216, send us a message at GLOBE: 0917-4937886 / 0927-7084229 SMART: 0910-8897168 SUN: 0933-4541896 . Please bookmark us. Feel free to explore the contents of this website - everything you need to know should be right here.

Want to open a car shop?

Start a business! Earning opportunity for you, starts at 5,500 only, message us for complete details. For interested distributors/retailers/agents; please contact me to give you an idea on how to generate your extra income on this and possibly to double it, minimal capital needed

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October 25, 2012

New Services!

7-step Exterior Detailing, Steam Interior Detail with Deodorizer, Headlight Detailing, and German Paint Protection System for Brand New Cars

Veteran Technician Ready to Serve You!

We have an available veteran electrical technician for your car accessory installations and minor electrical troubleshooting. Leave your car with us and have it picked up in the morning!

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August 29, 2011

PCI Website is Being Updated! Watch Out for New Service Offerings!

Get interactive in our Facebook page and win prizes in our contests!

September 14, 2010

New Item to Come at the End of September!

Back-up sensors with no holes and no modification required! The stock look of the bumper will be retained, for the sensor will be placed inside. The sensor is unseen and maintains the clean look of your bumpers. Sensors can also be applied to front bumpers for big cars and lady driven cars.

September 13, 2010

We offer interior detailing services with removal of carpet, seats, sidings, trunk carpet, and pillars - home serviced and hassle free with a minimal cost.

We also offer leather seat detailing and leather conditioner package.

July 15, 2010

New Services Available

Glass Detailing
(Acid Rain Removal)
Paint Protection Package
(For Brand New Cars)

July 1, 2010

On July 3 2010, we have three carshow entries in Tiendesitas, Pasig City! PCI gives special discounts to its three carshow entries and an in house maintenance service for display condition! Do not miss this! Drop by or contact 0927-6466085 for more information.

June 24, 2010

We're online! Pulse Creative Innovations launches its new website in www.pulsecreativeinnovations.com!