Pulse Creative Innovations - Franchise a Car Hub Now!

An automotive business is within your reach!

PCI Car Hub now opens its doors to potential franchisees who dreams to have a business of their own. In today’s rapidly growing car-industry, the need for car care services increase each day. Though this need is arising, there are not enough professional, customer-centered automotive providers in the market.

PCI is the country’s trusted car care service brand, building long-term relationships with its wide individual and company clientele. With 10 years of car detailing expertise and product innovation, PCI has serviced more than 40,000 cars, aiming to further expand its reach.

You can be the first franchisee to bring PCI’s trademark car pampering services and professional customer care in your area and region.

Invest in Franchise

If you want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself, investing in a franchise is a great option. Starting a business from scratch involves a big learning curve whereas becoming an owner of an existing concept gives you a solid foundation on which to stand. You have the benefit of a proven business model, training and marketing support. You get to experience entrepreneurship while being a part of a bigger family.

Pulse Creative Innovations - Customer Support

Who are we looking for?

- Passionate about having your own business
- Experienced Executives
- Business owners
- No business experience required
- Lot / Property owner (Faster ROI)
- Graduates passionate about cars
- Believe that hard work has no shortcuts

Why Franchise PCI Car Hub?

• PCI has 10 years of CAR PAMPERING experience
• PCI is Client-Centered
• PCI has a large customer network
• PCI stays relevant through Innovation and E-Commerce
• PCI has a strong social media and Car Club presence

The PCI Car Hub Franchise package includes:

1. Fast-moving PCI Products & Accessories
2. Comprehensive Training and Development Program

      a. Detailer and Technician Training
      b. Management Training and Workshop
      c. Leadership Training and Workshop
      d. Sales Training and Workshop
      e. Automotive Trends Awareness Workshop

3. Operational Processes and Services
4. Regional Client Network and Fleet Support
5. Hub Construction and Design


Contact us now to be the next PCI Franchise.